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Name:тιdeѕ oғ war // Out Of Character
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Good morning. You wake up to what is just another day in Ivalice a little bit more fatigued than usual. In your groggy state, you are tangentially aware that you've got something important to do today. Maybe you have a job that you need to go to. Maybe you remember you wanted to respond to the most recent clan hunt that you saw plastered to the board of the Sandsea. Whatever it is, something feels a little off.

The people here know you. You're treated as though you've always been a part of this world. They seem to have expectations that don't quite make sense to you. Are you a thief known for your trade? Perhaps you're a mercenary who's been chasing a mark. No matter what, your reputation precedes you, be it good or bad.

Things don't add up. While you have a fuzzy idea of your life in Ivalice, other memories are creeping in as well. These memories are of a different world, a different life. That world is your world, the world you were brought to Ivalice from. It is your true home, the existence you were meant to have.

You've been brought to Ivalice by a mysterious force, the Occuria, with the goal of helping shift the tides of war in a political conflict with the Empire of Arcadia.

❧ ❧ ❧

Tides of War is a Panfandom Roleplaying Game set in the world of Final Fantasy XII's Ivalice. Characters will find that they have another life they never knew existed and that they have been awakened to this other self in order to take part in a war that threatens the entire world.

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